Mystery Estate: Master Bedroom

I had a plan for our new Master Bedroom that you had previously seen in Master Bedroom Plan, needless to say that some of the plan has slightly changed.  I have decided to axe the pink idea and just go for a bold grey, black, and white. It's not that creative of a colour scheme and it has been done before; but not in my house.

Here is the before:

A blank canvas!

This large window definitely could use a window treatment.

The big project we have for this room is making an upholstered headboard.  Not that it is a difficult project to complete, it's just finding the time to do it.  I have the fabric ready to go and it will look great!  We plan to have that done by the end of the summer. 

One issue that we encountered when we moved all our furniture in was that I was significantly smaller that our last bedroom.  In our last bedroom we had; three dressers, one filing cabinet, a bench, two nightstands and a queen bed.  In this bedroom we have one dresser and a queen bed.  Since we rely heavily on our alarm clocks, we needed to come up with a creative idea for new nightstands because our old ones were just too large. 

Our bedroom so far:

We really need a higher headboard between the art... and a steamer.


Another piece of wall d├ęcor to go on the left on the closet

Keep checking in for the finished look!