Last minute Christmas decorating

Before you open your door to family and friends this week, keep in mind that the Christmas decorations that you put up nearly a month ago, need some attention. Simple things like dusting the decorations or tweeking them can be done very easily and quickly which is perfect for the busy days ahead. 

Some pointers to keep in mind:
Keep Collections together
Whether you collect snowmen, nutcrackers or Christmas candles, keep the collections together.  When they are kept together, it creates more of an impact on your guests. Interest will also be added to any part of your home where these collections are displayed.  Rather than strewing them all over your house, put them on a table top that will display them best and put them somewhere where it makes sense like a mantle or a coffee table.

A snowman collection displayed on a side table.
Christmas Vignettes
Besides collections, vignettes of decorations are just as effective. A vignette is a display that illustrates picture. It is very easy to create a Christmas themed vignette, its just how well you can put it together. Keep it simple though, vignettes do not need to be very intricate to create an impact and you will save some time with simplicity.

A simple Christmas vignette consisting of a t-light holder and a few table top trees displayed on a coffee table. 
The Unexpected Put decorations in unexpected places such as the bathroom, utility shed, and even the rarely visited by office. A great way to make these rooms festive is to put a wreath or some sort of ornament on the door. The office door will most likely be closed when entertaining so in order for it to not just look like a closed door, mask it with something festive, like a wreath. The bathroom door is another great spot for a wreath. Of course, you have your festive towels and your smelly soaps inside but the door will be the welcoming mat for the lou which will be visited quite frequently by guests.

A sign hung on a bathroom doorknob adds a touch of whimsy to a space.

Curb Appeal
By now you most likely have your Christmas lights set up and hopefully on timers (timers are great because they cut electricty bills and they also allow you to avoid going outside on cold nights to turn out the lights).  Lights are such a big part of getting in the festive mood and it creates curb appeal for your home. Lights get talked about especially if you have a lot of neighbours. Make sure the lights are up, working and and beautiful because now is the time to shine!

Merry Christmas and Have a Safe Holiday!


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