Before & After: Bench and Front Entrance

I have been missing from the blogging world since April and for good reason, kinda. Since then we have moved from an apartment on the 11th floor to a townhouse with a basement, three bedrooms, and a backyard. It is definitely more work and more rooms to clean but there are now more areas to decorate and to have fun with!  We absolutely love the extra space. We are still decorating and slowly putting the house together exactly the way we want it, these things do take time.  Before I give the big reveal of our decorated townhouse, aka "Mystery Estate #2" I first want to follow up and show you the bench I showed you a few months ago.

Remember this little doozy?

The plan was to paint it white and to hopefully make it fit in our front entrance. When I bought it, I had no idea of the dimensions of the front entrance but I loved this bench so much I just couldn't pass it up. 

Our entrance; as plain as they come.

The bench was a great Kijiji find, and for a great price too! Luckily, the bench fit in our new entrance- what a relief! Take a look and both the bench and our front entrance now.

The bench now painted white with the original upholstery.
The yellow is a bit worn in the front but otherwise a great fabric. The yellow pops against the blue and white jute and cotton Ikat rug.  I love the wooden "Keep Calm and Carry On" Plaque.  A little bit a British infusion into a space never hurt anyone, and besides, my guests love it!

As for the rest of the entrance, I have a few more spaces I could hang art.  Since this space is small, I have to choose wisely with the style, colour, and more importantly the size. Though art should be chosen based on preference and emotion, if I went with dark pieces the space would seem to be small and crowded. I also don't believe in covering every wall with something, this plain space really needs some character.

Blank wall #1
Blank wall #2.

Keep watching for more Mystery Estate reveals!