Vinyl Desk for the Office

In our new place, we have three bedrooms; one for the master bedroom, one for a guest room, and the other for a office/media room.  In this room we will have a desk, our smaller love seat, and a dresser.  The only reason a dresser is going in there is because we are a little tight for space in the Master Bedroom. Besides being an office, we want to make this room more of a media room look. This means eventually a television will eventually be in here.

We obviously need a desk in the Office and our current desk is very wide, wide to the point where the room will looked jammed with the other furniture. I was inspired the other day by vinyl and using it in different applications such as covering wood furniture.  Wouldn't a faux python vinyl covered desk be so chic and galmorous? I would ideally like a long narrow desk to go along the one wall in the office. This will allow for more space in the room.
Something like this as our new desk would be perfect, I wouldn't do the nailhead though. Source

Aurora Transparent Chair
My existing desk chair will look fabulous with a patent 'leather look' desk!

This little DIY will hopefully be done by the summer.