Our Moving Countdown

Two days until we officially are into our new place. We are packed to the point that if we pack anymore, we won't be able to see each other for the boxes, let alone watch 'Lost' on Netflix.  This will be our second time moving this year and it seems easier this time then last. Maybe because I know exactly where everything is going and it isn't such a 'Mystery' or maybe because I'm only moving 20 minutes away, rather than 6 hours. Packing is a funny thing, stuff seems to multiply when you start packing, I'm sure that everyone who has ever moved can agree with me.

The boxes.

The empty walls.

The Chairs- yes that blue chair is new and there are two of them.
The other is currently under a bag of pillows.

By looking at our walls, you would think we were robbed. By looking else where, you would think we were hoarders, but I would hope your first guess would be that we are just moving. Regardless, this is a very exciting time. I feel that my style has changed since I last decorated, which is common with someone that works in the industry and follows styles so closely. It is actually a great time to be moving. Despite the new snow on the ground, all the retailers have their best Spring accessories and decor out on the shelves which I personally think that this Spring over the last few has hit an all time high in the style meter. So many inspiring colours and patterns that I have been wanting to pick up but thought it was best to wait to see what the new place brings us. 

Besides decor, there are a few larger ticket items that we 'need' to purchase.

Exhibit A:

New Samsung Washer and Dryer Combo- CAN NOT WAIT TO WASH MY CLOTHES!! Picture Source
We bought this exact combo the other day, getting them delivered this coming week!!

Exhibit B: (smaller ticket item than the washer and dryer but still a non decor piece we want to get)

Weber - Summit S-670 Gas Grill Propane Barbecue - 7370001 - Home Depot Canada
His idea of a BBQ. Home Depot

Weber - One-Touch Silver Charcoal Grill - 18.5 Inch - 441001 - Home Depot Canada
My idea of a BBQ. You can tell who is more excited to BBQ. Home Depot

When we first moved to Ottawa, he was so disappointed that we couldn't BBQ- being on the 11th floor of an apartment building, but now it is a different story. We haven't purchased a BBQ yet but once the snow melts and the sun is shining, I think we'll get one.

I can't wait to show you all our new place, keep watching and you'll see some Before and Afters coming this way!