Spring Closet Cleaning

As a girl who loves clothes, and lots of them, I am *patiently* awaiting the arrival of Spring to pull out my Spring wardwobe. Before I do that, I have to go through my winter clothes which is actually a good thing because in about a month and a half I will be packing up my clothes to move. The last time, and only time, I have moved I found that packing my clothes was the biggest challenge. Moving from one town to another that's six hours away and sending some clothes 3 months earlier than my arrival definitely needed some careful planning. This time I am moving about 25 minutes away, so moving my clothes won't be as much of an issue. Packing and donating some of my clothes has got me thinking about the wonder of walk-in closets and the magic stored inside. The rows and shelves for shiny shoes, and hangers and hangers of beautiful clothes for every occasion and mood; sounds like something out of Mariah Careys reality. Lets take a look at some famous closets, and drool.

Mariah Careys palace-like closet, there are no words. Source
Paula Abdul's closet, Source

Christina Aguilera and her shoe collection, what an awesome rug! Source
Kimora Lee Simmons, model and face of Baby Fat, surely has almost every designer she has modelled for in her closet. Source

One day folks, one day. Until then, wish me luck with my packing!