Mystery Estate #2

Now that it is about a month and a half away and viewers have already done a walk through of our apartment, its time to announce that Mystery Estate 2 has started. Yes, folks, we are moving again! Though, this time isn't as much of a mystery compared to last time as we are staying in Ottawa and have already visited our new place. 

This will be another decorating adventure with even more rooms to decorate. We are going from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom town house.

Take a look.

Master Bedroom.

Guest Room. The third bedroom will be the office/media room.

A large wall leading up an down the stairs is a great space for a tapestry.

The living room, it can fit all of our existing furniture, and more!

The dining room is on the other side of the living room, a great open concept space.

Since this space is a lot larger (2 extra bedrooms, a basement, and a backyard larger) there is lots of planning to be done. We are planning to keep most of our funiture but there are definitely a few things that we still need. Such as:

  • Twin bed for the bedroom
  • A few rugs
  • A tapestry for that large wall
  • etc.
Keep watching The Front Door for more updates on Mystery Estate 2!!