Master Bedroom Plan

As part of the moving process, besides the dreaded packing, room by room planning is a crucial step towards a beautiful home. You have already witnessed what is going to happen in the spare bedroom so let's talk about the Master Bedroom.  I'm really excited about the plan we have for this room. 

Must have's for the Master Bedroom:
  • Elegant and mature style
  • Calm, but contrasting colours
  • Maximize storage
  • Floor Length Mirror
  • Headboard
Currently we have a bedframe with a really low headboard, it doesn't standout in the room at all and I am a strong believer that your bed should be the focal point of the bedroom.  At the moment we would love to have an upholstered headboard.

The colour scheme that I would love for that room is grey, white, black, and a beautiful barely there pink.  There are so many colours out there right now, especially going into spring but after all the colours I have seen, I still love the barely there pink. This is what I have found so far.

 When we are in our new place, one of the projects on our to-do list is to make
an upholstered headboard, much like this one. Source
We currently have two of these dressers but unfortunately only one may fit in
our new bedroom. If that is the case, we will put the second one in the media room/office. Source.

We already have these too, they will fit perfectly in the new plan! Source.

This would be awesome over our bed, depending how high our headboard goes. Source.
I love Annie Leibovitz black and white photography, a nice addition to the Master Bedroom. Source.

Pink peonies are the perfect pink for this room; along with pink pillows and a pink rug. Source.

Less than a month until we get our new place and I can't wait to take you on a tour of our new place and all the fun decorating to be done!