Mint for 2013

Mint, what a pretty colour; its soft, delicate, and a colour the 20 something year olds haven't seen before.  Mint is a colour that is very on trend right now, along with all of the other pretty pastels that are showing their faces this Spring, but the question still looms, will this pastel stick around for another season in 2013? Or has it fallen by the way side like so many trends before it? Mint was huge in 2012 and is still a colour that is around but do we like mint more in our wardrobe or splashed all over our home?  

Mint is a classy colour.  I have never seen this colour done in a 'cheap' manner both on the runway and in interior accents. Mint coloured accessories are usually seen on dainty items such as fine china, and kitchen items, which bring a great accent to a room. A perfect colour to pair with white, as it is very fresh and adds a sense of vintage to a room. It has definitely been done in other rooms of the house with great style and sophistcation, just like the colour itself.

Mint makes this kitchen fresh and brings a little nostalgia, makes you think of Grandmas house from the 1950s.  Source
Mint walls in this Georgian style home makes the bedroom look large and bright. Source

I love the mint walls with the gold and black pieces in this living room. Source.

My personal Mint collection consists of a really interesting coffee maker from Melitta, made in Germany.  I do not know what decade this little thing of the past is from but it sure is cool!

Exhibit A: Mint Melitta Coffee Maker.

That is the end of my mint collection, besides a pair of pants, and I think that will be my only mint fixture in my collection of fun stuff.  I do love mint when it is done well in interiors, I just think that there are other colours that are heavier hitters for Spring that may out-shine mint for 2013, but that is for another day.