Guest Bedroom Day Dreaming

Since the new year began, I have been pretty busy. Time escapes me so quickly and before I know it, I haven't blogged in a little while- shame on me! But today I am writing to talk about one of our new year plans and that was to move into a different place. Yes, it will be a mystery estate all over again! This time I hope to be decorating more rooms as we are looking for a larger space.  With a larger space comes larger ideas.  Since recently starting a new job in the fabulous decorating industry I have broadened my horizons past my trusty 'grey and white' and I'm starting to see colour, sparingly though.  I am still staying true to myself by loving mismatched pieces and previously loved furniture but I see a different kind of potential in them, one that involes colour and pattern.

That all being said, I should explain. Right now I am planning/scheming/obsessing over the new master bedroom and guest bedroom that we will soon be getting.  The master bedrooms plan is still up in the air but I am in love with my plan for the spare bedroom. There are a few things that are certain about both rooms though. They are:

1.  Upholsterd headboards for both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom.
2.  Pattern. Either in the bedding, curtain, or upholstered pieces.
3.  It will be stunning when its done and put together.

The spare bedroom is set to have a twin upholstered headboard, a white dresser that we currently have and a chair that I am currently (struggling with) reupholstering. The colour scheme and 'theme' is kindof vintage with blues, tans, and dare I say it- beige. Let's just call it what it is.

The patterned pillows you have seen before. They are goinng from my current living
room to the spare bedroom. The blue pillow will be my accent, the fabric draped on the right will be an upholstered headboard. The fabric on the seat of the chair will cover the chair seat and back.

Herringbone pattern on a Scandinavian style chair will be stunning once done.

The small herringbone pattern matches the large pattern on the chairs and is complimentary in colour.
My white dresser will most likely not fit in the master bedroom
 so it makes the most sense to put it in the guest bedroom.
My small white side table will be perfect with the white dresser as a nightstand.

Currently I have this rug under my desk, this will be moved to the guest bedroom.

Colours are perfect, need I say more?
 I know what you're thinking; there really isn't a lot of colour there but there is a lot of pattern and it's not grey and white! I would like to have colour in the masterbedroom, a soft barely-there pink or a coral.  I know coral is very 2011-2012 but it truly is a beautiful colour, and beauty follows no trends.