Painted Furniture: Brilliant or Bad?

As you know, I am a huge fan of painted furniture, but some people are not. They believe that painting furniture is bad, a travesty, even a crime! Is it really that bad? No. I do have to admit that there is a right and wrong time to paint furniture. I'll give you some examples.

When to paint.

Old, dated painted pieces.
Old, dated stained pieces. For these particular tables, a coat of paint will
really show of the shape of the tables.

When the wood is damaged; water stains and scores are not ideal for restaining.
This look is not exactly trendy right now either.

A sturdy dresser that most likely was painted with lead paint and has seen a
 few generations of use... time for a new coat (of paint thats more healthy).

When not to paint.

When the wood and the stain is in mint condition.

When the piece looks better stained (and the stain is in good condition).

Ikea furniture; it's not worth it especially if it has a veneer.

Of course, there are other materials you can paint such as metal, glass, cloth, etc., but when you start painting wood, it becomes a question of whether or not that precious wood should be covered or displayed.  Think twice before you paint anything that you may regret...

Happy Painting!!