The Balcony

In one of my previous posts, I showed you my balcony. I would like to share with you where I've been spending some of my summer nights.

First take a look at the before pictures here.

My dining area.
The best place for indoor plants during the summer is oustide!
I love my lantern, easy way to add more blue with blue candles.

My living area, furniture from Ikea.
These tropical plants are a great and economical way to add softness.

Water globes make gardening so easy for the first-time gardener.
The balcony is east facing which makes it a great place to read in the afternoon.

Lavender is my favourite flowering perennial, not only for the flower but for the aroma.
Delicate Fairy Roses will be in full bloom again next summer.
This house plant was about 3 inches shorter last month, the sun is doing it well!

Small flowering annuals are a great way to add colour.

Still love my view!
A big Thank You goes out to Ms. Knap for our beautiful white patio furniture and my mother for passing on a green thumb.