Project: Balcony

Our balcony is about 19 feet long and the widest part of it is about 4.5 feet wide, definitely a space that needs smart planning. Since it is long and narrow, we need to plan this space so we can have a lot of living space and still be able to fit our furniture.

The Balcony

Ignore the bike.

East facing, lots of warmth and sun! Hey neighbour!


Just like decorating inside, accessories are needed for the outdoor living space. The balcony is visible through the living room so finding the right pieces that match the inside decor is very important, flow is key! With the white brick and the white furniture, I really want to add colour, I'm thinking light blue.
I love the white and blue colour scheme, Source

I love the simplicity of the colour scheme, very classy! Source
Ideally, I'd like to turn my 86 sq.ft. balcony into this... one day! Source

I love the white pipping on the grey cushions of this lounger I saw the other day at Home Outfitters, Gluckstein Home, Outdoor, also very formal looking.

An outdoor space isn't complete without a lantern, Urban Barn

What we have

Generously given to us by a good friend of mine

I just recently got this material at Fabricland that I just love!

The patterned material is a plastic weave, I'm using it for a 4x6 carpet. The blue material on top is for seat cushions, that material is outdoor material.

****Stay tuned! Finished product coming in July!****