Before and After: Our Livingroom

Now that we have our apartment, and all of our stuff is moved in, it is really starting to come together. The biggest accomplishment so far was putting the livingroom and the dining room together. This is what we did in two and a half days, take a look!

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The livingroom and diningroom are open to eachother so continuity was very important with both the style of the furniture and the accessories for both areas.

What you see when you walk in through the front door. The long wall on the right is where the tv is going.

Standing in the dining room.

The furniture and accessories, as of right now.

The grey sofa, no chaise, my custom-made pillows, my Italian lamps, and my brass coffee table that you are all familiar with.

The Ikea bookcase, our dresser-turned-entertainment unit and our Paris and London canvas paintings (that still need to be hung). Still need to accessorize the bookcase and the coffee table and tie up some loose ends, like those mirrors behind the sofa.

Our dining table and chairs, and the bookcase-turned-sideboard. Still needing art to go over the sideboard, thats for another day though!

We are still in the decorating stages and in the moving in stages, its starting to come together, we aren't done yet though!

Stay tuned!!