Mystery Estate: Part of the Mystery Solved!!

One part of the Mystery Estate is solved and that is location.

And it is.....drum roll....

  That's right folks, The Front Door is moving to Ottawa, our great nation's capital!

Since the Mystery Estate segment has started, I have known little about the whereabouts I will be moving. I knew it was going to be in Canada but the exact location was not narrowed down. The other day we heard the great news we were going to Ottawa!! But why was it a mystery, you ask? This relocation is being determined by my significant others career and his employer has moved us to Ottawa! He works for the Canadian Armed Forces and what better location to serve your country than in your nations capital!

Though I have never been to Ottawa, I will be spending the next two years of my life there! I am very excited, so much to do and see!

This is my research so far:

The Rideau in the Summer

The Rideau in the Winter

Beaver tails!

Ok, I need to do more research but now that we have the location, the fun begins.

The short, but HUGE, to-do list:

  • Finding an apartment
  • Moving all of our stuff to the apartment
  • Beautifying the apartment
  • Become Ottawatonians (?)
.... we have lots of work ahead of us!!!

Follow me while I make the move and in the meantime search for those perfect pieces to create a beautiful home in a beautiful city!


  1. Wow, can't believe you are moving to Ottawa!! How exciting for you. When are you moving? We will have to get together before you go, so happy for you both.

  2. I am SO SO excited for you guys! I can't even think of a more gorgeous city than Ottawa! I hope you will LOVE it there!


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