Mystery Estate: Coffee Table

Just like the chairs I am searching for, I have my mind on coffee tables. I have had this idea in my head for a long time of the one I want but with the budget I made for the table, there is a bit of a conflict.

Here is the one I wanted
Andover Cocktail table, $OverMyBudget.00, Elte
Or this one...
Bowfront Coffee Table, $OverMyBudget.00, Moe's Home Collection

Beautiful, well made tables, but not in the budget.

That was the style I was looking for but if I bought one of those tables, I was going to have to sacrifice some stuff when I eventually move into my Mystery Estate, like food. Then one day I realized I have a beautiful table right under my nose! I featured it in my previous post, Gold Rush. I was unsure of it for myself for the longest time because I was stuck on this idea of having a wood coffee table with a metal base, but I can negotiate.  Again here is the table.

Brass Table, accessorized.

The structure

Detailing of legs.

For the past week I have been imagining it with my sofa and my accessories and it fits the bill! (I may need to reconsider carpeting but I will leave that for a later date/post!).  After I had posted Gold Rush, I visited my favourite blog,, only to find that someone else was on the same track as me- decorating with gold coffee tables!! That was when I was immediately sold.

Brass coffee table, Spearmint Decor

One more piece to the puzzle solved!

Mystery will be solved soon, stay tuned for all the details!