The Start of a New Year

I'm not sure if you have seen the trends of 2012 yet but they are looking good! I've been seeing a mixture of subtle colours in both the warm and cool palette and also on the extreme of that, I've been seeing bold contrasting colours together that make a huge impact. I also think we may see a lot of red this year.

The subtle, House and Home, source

The bold, House and Home, source

Also a lot of mixing of patterns and also mixing the old with new, FINALLY.  Even though we have been seeing this for many years and most people actually do it not on purpose but just for the simple fact that they have just bought new furniture and have placed it in a room with their older furniture and it works, simple as that.  But what I am seeing popularized now more than ever is people purposely buying antiques, or new vintage looking replicas, to match with their contemporary or modern design, or vice versa.

Take this kitchen as an example. You see the crisp (daring) white chairs with a very formal dinette table in a more modernized country kitchen with large rustic wood support beams that make an interesting blend that works!

Style at Home, source
Like I said before, people have been doing this for a long time, mixing and matching, but I think I am just noticing it more so now than ever is because I am loving that style.  As you have seen in my previous posts I love repurposing and refinishing, so its nice to see more old pieces included in new trends.

2012 is going to be a great year; lots of innovation in the design world, lots of excitment, and lots of changes!

Happy New Years!