Mystery Estate: Seating

I have the sofa picked out and the colour and now I have to think about more seating in the living room. I do not want chairs that match the sofa but I want two, space permitting, that are matching. I also have to keep in mind the space that I am going to be moving into; will it be small? Or will it be big? Will it have a distincitve style? Who knows, but regardless, I have been doing some research on chairs that I would like to get my hands on. Here is a peak at some:
Again, here is the sofa for a quick reference. Remember- sofa, no chaise!

I really like the arms on the chair on the left. It is a very
 transition piece for any decor. Source

Another pair of chairs that are simple and great for small spaces. Source

I love the formality of this chair. The 'Aiden' Chair from Elte.

I really like the lines of this one, a little more comfortable looking. The 'Knoles' chair from Elte.

I love the colour and masculinity of this piece. The 'Serengeti' chair from Elte.

I really like the style of these chairs because they are not only sleek in design and they match the style of my sofa but the scale is perfect. Keep in mind that this place I am moving into, this Mystery Estate , could be and will most likely be of smaller scale so I have to plan for it. 
I still have no idea what this ‘estate’ will look like or where it will be but stayed tuned, the mystery will be solved soon!!