Mystery Estate: The master bedroom

Colour schemes excite me, even though I'm not a huge fan of of bold colours, or colour in general, I still enjoy a good scheme. I saw a colour scheme a little while ago that has inspired my colour scheme for the master bedroom. 

Here is the picture I saw:

Found on
 The only thing that I had at the time to create this look was a blue and white duvet. The duvet has an abstract leaf design on it coming from the bottom of the duvet. Then I considered what else I needed; gold and white and a little more blue.

I really liked the gold curtains, in a bedroom, window treatments are a huge presence so I wanted to get the gold curtains and I did. I also already have two white nightstands that go very well with the colour scheme and the style of curtains and duvet.  I just need the bed and dressers!

Here is what I put together to get this look in a bedroom...

Master Bedroom so far.

Where I found the items:
Duvet, Curtains, and Orchid; Urban Barn
Night Stand and Mirror; Thrift store (repainted by me)
Candles and Votives; Real Canadian Superstore.

I would like to add more blue with lamp shades or possibly if I can get a side chair with a blue cushion that would be perfection. Gold lamp bases would also bring it all together.

Finding an inspiration is great and putting something together based on what you loved from the inspiration is a lot of fun, especially when you are really happy with the outcome. 

If you buy what you love, it will work. It's as simple as that!