Mystery Estate: The starting point

The first piece of furniture I picked out for my Mystery Estate was the sofa.  Keeping in mind that I will be going into an apartment, naturally a smaller space, I had to find something that they, the furniture designers, are calling ‘Condo size’.  ‘Condo size’ means it’s a smaller scale sofa, generally sits lower, sleeker and more modern design, and doesn’t have that bulky oversized padded look. It has to be a sofa, not a sofa chaise or a sectional or a loveseat, etc, I like the look of a sofa and its more practical with seating. I also wanted something that was more contemporary in style and something that was streamlined and tailored without looking hard or cold. Leading to my next must-have in a sofa, it has to be a sofa upholstered in fabric, not leather, and preferably a darker colour sofa. I usually think that people like are Brown or Grey, I’m a grey girl, so naturally I wanted a grey sofa, and luckily they are in vogue right now. I didn’t want anything with a nap and nothing that had sheen or a pattern. Sounds pretty boring, right? WRONG, it sounds perfect.
Lets run through the must have list:
ü  Condo Size
ü  Sofa
ü  Contemporary
ü  Tailored
ü  Fabric covered
ü  Available in grey without a nap, sheen, or pattern

One day I found this sofa. It had everything I wanted and more; comfort, which I didn’t have on my must have list. Though this one wasn’t what I wanted; it is shown as a sofa chaise on the show room floor but it does have the option of being customized into a regular ol’ sofa.
Here it is.
Grey, tight-back.

Here is what I need.
Sofa, no chaise.

Accessorizing it.

I would like a Sheep skin pillow to add softness and luxury.

With my custom pillows waiting to be made, (you’ve all seen this fabric before) it will be perfection.

Now that I have my staple piece, I can start my furniture search!