Mystery Estate: The beginning

I am a natural planner and I always have been.  I like to think to the future with almost everything I do. I have gone into a serious planning mode this past year now that I have the intentions to move out next year into my first place.  Though the location of my apartment is a mystery and the actual apartment itself has not even been seen or considered, I would like to eliminate the mystery of what the decor will look like inside by my planning and decorating skills. Right now apartments are being considered, I’d like to think maybe a countryside estate with workers quarters, a courtyard, and acres to roam amongst the grazing horses and wild flowers is a possibility, but let’s be realistic.  Though I will have my estate with the horses one day, I will start with a small mystery estate.
As I prepare for my first place, I will document what it takes as a first time renter to come up with not only a fabulously decorated house, but one that doesn’t break the bank.  Follow me and see what it takes to put together a beautiful place using creativity, a small budget, and lots of love! Over the next few months, I will be repainting, recovering and putting together decor to go into my mystery estate, and I want you to watch me do it!

One box already packed.

Stay tuned!