When in Rome... SHOP!!

I love ceramics, especially white ceramics and when I found a particular pair of lamps at an auction sale- I had to have them! After puchasing them, I realized the stamp on the bottom of the lamp stated it was made in Italy. I was already over the moon about them but to further find out that they weren't a product of China, purchased at HomeSense... I was in love!

The lamp shades were terrible. The shades went from my car to the side of the road on garbage day. I just need to find the perfect shade for the perfect pair of lamps.

Behold... THE LAMPS!!!

The stamp on the bottom of the lamps.

At the same auction sale, I bought a plate made by the Italian Design house, Fornasetti.

The plate that I also love!

The Stamp- Fornasetti, Made in Italy

More familiar work done by Fornasetti includes popular plates such as:

via http://nubbytwiglet.com/2008/12/29/fornasetti/

Viva l'Italia!


  1. Those lamps are to DIE for...where can I find them??


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