Featured Homeowner- before and after

I have the pleasure to showcase a beautiful home that belongs to a young married couple who are first time homeowners. It is an older home with good bones, lots of character and plenty of potential to really turn it into something of their own.  That is exactly what this couple did. It started with a vision, and by using that vision with their personal style, they have created a house where they love to live and guests hate to leave.

Take a look at the before and afters!

 The Front Door
Updated with a new door in a coat of high-gloss black paint paired with a new light fixture and some ferns, immediately sets the mood for the rest of the house.

Before and After: The Front Door :)

The Front Entrance 
The large front entrance has a set of stairs going to the second floor, and the living room just off of it, it was the second impression guests would get as they came into the house. They painted over the pink walls and used the same warm white they used in the dining room and the livingroom to create a much large main floor.

Before: A whole lot of pink.

After: The warm white with fresh flowers.

 The Dining Room
A dark green with a gold fixture gave the room a more formal feeling without utilizing the visual space.  Now, the homeowners have made the space larger by painting the accent wall a light green while painting the three other walls a warm white, leaving the room feeling large and more casual.
Before: Small in appearance and really dark.
After: More 'airy' and casual.

The Living Room
Just as dark as the dining room just off of it, this living room needed to match the same vision they had for the rest of their house. Light and airy with the use of fresh greens created continuity.
Before: Dark and drab.
After: Light and fresh- notice the pillows and the rug-
they were made by the lady of the house herself!
The Bathroom
This project was their most recent accomplishment, and it also involved the most handy work.  Still sticking with the light and 'airy' feel, they completely transformed this bathroom with a fresh coat of blue and bead-board paintable wallpaper.
Before: Not really making the homeowners want to stay for a long relaxing bath.
After: Looks like a completely different bathroom- new floor, new paint and
wall covering, new toilet AND a new sink (with two faucets; one for cold and one for hot).

After: Blue is such a beautiful colour to have black and white
architectural pictures displayed against. The Lavender is a nice hit of colour.

The Bedroom
The pink just wasn't working for them, no matter what room they were in. They updated this room with pale grey paint and accents of blue, white and red.  Such and interesting collection of colours that really makes you look twice!

Before: An empty canvas for these new homeowners.

After: The colour scheme still shows that 'airy' feel with
hits of colour for interest. The freshly painted blue dresser doubles as
a nightstand and a display top for all things treasured.

Truly a beautiful house from top to bottom! The homeowners did such an amazing job turning an empty house into their well planned and well decorated home.



  1. Holy Sh*t Lorrie you have some serious talent lady! This work is incredible, you are such a skilled craftswoman! xo keep the talent coming!


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