My Dining Chairs

I have six dining chairs on my hands right now that are in need of some refinishing. I got them from my sister who had found them at an auction sale for such a great deal! The chairs have a lot of character to them and to really emphasize the craftsmanship of them, I have decided to paint them the always reliable, white.  Just the first coat on the first chair I painted has made such a big difference already.

The fabric on the chairs need to be replaced as well as the foam seat cushion. Quick fix and well worth it.

Take a look at that fabric!

This is the fabric that I am making toss pillows from. This is my inspiration for the
fabric to go onto these chairs, I would like to pull out the light grey or
 the light blues in either a solid or print.
Pair those colours in that fabric with the bones of this
chair and I've got six fabulous chairs!

I would like to match those chairs with this table, if not this exact one, one very similar in style.
This table is the new 'Jason' table from Elte.

These chairs were such a fun project, I can't wait to find the fabric!