What's on your coffee table?

It is always interesting to see what other 'real' people are doing in their homes. Whenever I visit another home, I always find intersting and creative ideas in their decor scheme.  I find it so interesting that I decided to dedicate a whole post on how other people decorate, and I chose to focus specifically on how they decorate their coffee tables.  

In this post, I have four different decorating enthusiasts particpating in what I have called 'Whats on your coffee table'. This is where I have four different coffee tables from four different households showing how they have styled their table. All of the participants vary in age, lifestyle, and decor style and are very proud to show 'What's on their Coffee Table'.

Take a look!

First Coffee Table
Mature family of four in a custom built house perfectly situated in a forest.

A more traditional style table with a centerpiece that lends sparkle and style...
 and of course, plenty of room for your drinking glass!

Another angle to see how well the colour scheme works with the stain
and finish of the table as well as the wood plank walls.

Top view of the veneer workmanship on the tabletop moves
your eye to the centerpiece.

Second Coffee Table
Newlywed couple living in a comfortable townhouse with their two Labs.

A ceramic tabletop ontop of a black iron base is suited perfectly with
the well-chosen and balanced earth-tone accessories.

The style of the table is modernized with a clean line green leather sofa.

A side table pulls in more black to match the legs of the coffee table
and the earthtones are carried throughout with the lamp shade and curtains.

Third Coffee Table
A young couple modernizes their first home together.

An ottoman in place of a traditional style coffee table does double
 duty by displaying a pretty vignette and also as a foot rest.
The versatility of an ottoman is endless; shown here
with a new look using orchids and a platter.

Another modern look using a cluster of candles and trendy
animal print; perfect for adding new textures and sparkle.

Fourth Coffee Table
 A married couple in an older house with a country style.
A country style table with unique accessories that play on the style of the home.
The detailing on the coffee table lends its style perfectly to a country themed house.

An interesting collection of Dr.Suess books balances the old oil
lanterns at the opposite end of the table.

What you have on your coffee table is a reflection of what you like and how the rest of your house is decorated.  It is easy to see that the four different houses are all homes of people that take pride in what their house looks like and how they live.

Thanks to all the participants!