Paint Effects

Last school term I had the pleasure of having a very talented professional painter instruct my 'Creative Paint Techniques' class.  I had thought that paint effects on walls were dated and just replaced with new trends but after taking the class, I realized how creative you can get with paint and what kind of effects you can put on walls to create an absolutely stunning room. There were many techniques that were taught to us and they all were great in the right setting but my favourite by far was the Strie. 

Take a look at her work that she did for Bernard Speziale in a Guelph home.

Strie done in a dark charcoal on all walls accented with a cottage white.

The Strie effect is looks washed/brushed on with visible streaks in the paint.  With this technique you could have a dark coloured base and a light top coat that shows the dark through the streaks or vice versa if you used a light coloured base with a dark top coat.