The Swedes are onto something

First thing you think of when I say Sweden?
Abba? Swedish Berries? The beautiful scenery? Ikea?- ahh yes, there it is, IKEA!
North Americans love Ikea, but why? Well it isn’t the fact that you have to assemble your own furniture that’s for sure.  It is the affordability and availability of it.  The price is right and there is always an abundance of merchandise available. But, regardless of how much money a person may have or what their budget is or isn’t, people still flock to Ikea as if they are having a 50% off closing sale.  Rich or poor, young or old, we love Ikea.  The style is also another factor. As Canadians, we tend to welcome other cultures with open arms, even when it comes to furniture which explains why we have accepted the Scandinavian appeal. The clean lines, the eclectic combinations and the easy living have caught our attention.
But what is another reason to explain our love and obsession with Ikea? Maybe the marketing team that introduced us to the man that does the radio advertisements with the brilliant sense of humour or the woman frantically running from the store screaming ‘START THE CAR!’, those are some small factors, yes.  I was at an Ikea the other day and I figured it out. The Merchandising.  Working in the retail aspect of home decor, I know how important it is for a piece of furniture, or a pillow, or a vase to look good with other items; you want to sell the item based on how it looks. The Ikea Merchandising team is right on the mark. In store floor displays are phenomenal and likewise with the Ikea annual catalogue. They have created a way of merchandising their product that allows the consumer to imagine themselves in that setting and they market their image accordingly. 
I can’t mention the merchandisers without mentioning the design team. That is another thing about Ikea, they have their own design team that continually produces new pieces directly targeted towards their target market, and that’s why Ikea sells.
Here are some sights at that Ikea I visited the other day.
Comfort and luxury in contrasting charcoals and whites.

A family dinner setting, perfect for young couples looking to buy.

A liveable bedroom with one of their fabulous closets.

Clean and crisp bathroom combination.

An entertainment storage unit perfect for hiding big flat-screens and for displaying your favourite decor
I love what Ikea has to offer, my absolute favourite thing they sell are their storage solutions. They are smart, clean and they serve their purpose- storing your 'things'. As an inspiring interior decorator, I find great inspiration in what they sell and how they merchandise, and I am sure you do too!



  1. Start the car!!! Start the car!!!!!!!!! Hahahah! That is ME!!

    DId you see their outdoor furniture? Well how could you not? I'm in love with so many of them.

    So what did you purchase?

  2. HAHA Pete- start the car! HAHA I can here you now LOL

    I saw the outdoor furniture, soo nice! I actually didn't get anything! I was looking for a lamp shad but I had no luck. I found one that I might go back for though.


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