It's Bathroom Week!!

Remember back in January, my New Years Resolution post? One project on it was my bathroom and this week is the week! After much deliberation over what colour to go with and what style I wanted and what mood I wanted and so on and so forth, I have finally decided.  This week I plan on painting and redecorating the whole space and I have given myself two full days to effectively get this accomplished. 

First, lets revisit the scene of the crime...


Here is a sneak peak at the paint colour I have chosen...

OC-10 'White Sand'

Here is another peak at the accessories I am pairing with the paint colour...

Bath Mat: $16.99 at Home Sense
Microfiber Shower curtain: $12.97 at Walmart
Shower curtain rings: $5.00 for a set of 10 at Walmart
Wicker basket: $1.00 at Urban Barn (sorry- I got the last one)
Potted grass: $6.00ea at Urban Barn

More on this story and complete coverage later in the week when it is completed!



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