Inspirations Everywhere

Recently I was looking through the current issue of Vogue, with the fabulous Lady Gaga on the cover, and I happened to find a very inspiring picture. It was part of the ad campaign for the spring collection of Chanel and the ad immediately caught my eye. The picture was staged in a beautiful setting and of course with beautiful people but what I saw was a beautiful peice of furniture.

Take a look...

The table is beautiful, definitely and inspiration for the next piece of furniture I buy. I even love the cane on the back of the chairs.

Seeing this picture really opened my eyes as to where to look for inspiration. This ad not only shows a great way to finish a piece of furniture but also shows great style. The lifestyle and elegance could easily be portrayed trhough means of interior decorating. Also, a fabulous idea and style for the busy and creative host/hostess!

Besides just strictly looking through home decor stores and design magazines, look everywhere! Fashion magazines, your favourite movies, places you've traveled, personal hobbies, so many more! Even starting with an accessory as small as a pillow or candlesticks can solve any design dilemmas by gearing you in the direction for a beautiful space and finding the motivation and inspiration.

I believe that inspiration finds you, don't search for it.

Go get inspired!


  1. Ooooh I like!!! Great job on the re-vamp of your site!

    I like your eye on those inspiration tables. Love them!


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