Lima, Peru- how the other half of the world lives

I spent last week in Lima, Peru with my sisters, brother-in-laws, and my sisters' in laws and oh, what a trip it was! Lima is full of colour and interest. The colour of the houses and buildings suited the climate and the detailing of the buildings was just immaculate. I brought back with me many pictures of what Lima was really like. Take a look...

Colourful houses were a common thing in the city.

A colourful condo building right on the boardwalk with an ocean view.

A decorative driveway done with rounded pebbles.

A driveway that utilizes only what they need and makes a lawn out of the remainder.

Black iron garage doors.

More parking arrangements for a condo building.

An interesting design in ceramic tile leading up to a front door of a house.

More ceramic tile in a commercial building.

Ceramic tiling in a museum
Ceramic roof tops.

A very modern open concept house, bringing the outside in.

Another very modern beach house looking onto the ocean.

Courtyards were made in the middle of buildings to preserve green space.

Many old buildings throughout Lima had a similar old-world look.

Balconies of all shapes and designs were very common.

A security measure on the walls surrouding houses.

Lanterns turned into hanging pendants.

Outdoor restaurant setting with a view of the mountains.

Houses built on the mountains surrounding the city.

My sisters and I in the city center.

The sunset of our last day in Lima.

Over all, the houses in Lima were beautiful. The decor was minimalistic with a strong passion for detail. The detailing was in floors, ceilings, roof tops, moulding, doors, windows, etc.  It was so fascinating to see how another part of the world lives and it was my pleasure sharing it!



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