On Sunday, January 30, I went to the Interior Design Show in Toronto. This show has the reputation of being the best show around and this year, it definitely lived up to its reputation! So many interesting things on the market right now and so many inspirational ideas for up-and-comers, like myself, and people currently involved or planning a renovation project. The show is also a great place to find companies that are not as well known and to really see what they have to offer, and its also a great place to network.

I went on the Sunday to hear Linda Reeves, my icon, speak with Brian Gluckstein. They talked about what they loved in terms of trends for 2011.

Brian Gluckstein and Linda Reeves talking trends.

Trends they discussed during their presentation:
·         There was a big focus on floors.
o   Chevron Floors
o   white floors
o   poured cement floors with steel insets and a polished finish
o   ebony floors in a satin finish
o   subtle patterned carpets
·         Black is popularized throughout the home with black window panes and door frames, furniture pieces, counter tops, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops and cabinets, etc.
o   charcoal is also a dominant colour
·         Bathrooms are seeing open leg vanities as a great way to display towels and soaps
o   statement tubs are ‘the big thing’ in bathrooms right now
·         In kitchens, white is still popular, along with the black/charcoal
o   no upper cabinets are becoming common, giving a more restaurant style to any kitchen
·         Belgium country is the new inspiration
o   this is a more relaxed look with slipcovers on furniture
o   tung oil finished furniture pieces rather than stained
·         Mixing materials in furniture pieces
o   using glass and wood together for a more dramatic look
·         Using contemporary colours, ex. Teal, pink, indigo, with traditional pieces
o   this would be great on a statement chair which was another topic discussed for 2011
·         Cane is being used in very creative and stylish ways, such as shelves that see a light weight load
·         Photographic art is on the rise
o   mounted on a board and laminated, put on canvas, or simply framed
o   photographs displayed in large collages
·         Make place-settings exciting with mismatching plates and interesting centerpieces
·         Windows within the house makes the space flow and allows more light movement and activity
o   removing curtains that are not being used for privacy can help to let light in
o   French doors instead of solid doors
·         Repurposed pieces used throughout the home
o   their example was an old farm work table refinished for a kitchen island
·         Grass cloth and wallpaper is returning on not only statement walls but entire rooms
·         Patterned fabric and linens are a must

Sights of the show...

Lighting at the Ikea booth

The Ikea kitchen done in black

Interesting side or coffee table made of metal

Cement based coffee table decorated with graffitti

Modern, yet chic, way to do greys

Patterned area rugs were very popular

Modern waist level open fireplaces were also a common trend

Tolie Designer Club's booth

The biggest, and best sofa I have ever sat on by Montauk.

The Wok, on the left, has its own spot designed for it to fit into the concave cooktop.

Chairs done by various designers and booths at the show for the Casey House charity.

Interesting take on dining room lighting.

UpCountry by British Designer Timothy Oulton.

UpCountry sofa.
The Union Jack again on an Elte rug

New take on traditional chairs

Statement tubs were at every bathroom booth

Repurposed paint cans made into light fixtures at the Style at Home booth

Table display the the Style at Home booth
Glass shower with overhead fixture

Tailored look in a modern sense

Sibling Revelry exhibit by brother and sister combo, Thien and My Ta Trung: "Green Bunker"
Sibling Revelry exhibit by Glenn Dixon, Take This House and Sell It, and David Dixon, fashion designer

Myself with fashion designer, David Dixon

Ceiling of the Dixon brothers booth, complete with hundreds of hanging origamis

Sibling Revelry exhibit by Jason and Lars Dressler, bench made of wood planks and boots

Headboard by brothers Jason and Lars Dressler

Sibling Revelry exhibit by Sarah and Theo Richardson, a red dinning room

The Richardson's again with a blue office space

The Richardsons blue office and living room

Side table and lamp in the yellow bedroom done by Sarah and Theo Richardson

The yellow bedroom

Can't wait for IDS12!!! 



  1. OMG love it all! Its all pure fabulousness! Especially Mrs. Sarahs stuff! And do I even have to discss the bench with boots.. must make asap.
    and the i think the bathroom trends are 'Must-haves'!!!


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