Fun table settings

Myself and my friend Teresa have put together some fun and out of the ordinary tables... take a look!

The New Zen- Pack it like a Pakiet
compiled Teresa Pakiet

The whole table put together is very simple, unexpected and gives a great impact.

An individual place setting using a grounding element of the bamboo brick placemat gives a real zen feeling.

The centerpiece made up of t-light holders and a white long plate.

Modern Country- Mixing Elements
compiled by myself

The table setting done on a reclaimed table mixes modern ideas with textures and colours of a country theme.

An individual place setting done using lots of layering.

The little details such as adding fake fruit or even real fruit makes your table stand out.

Naturally Rustic- When Nature and Whimsy collide
compiled by Teresa Pakiet and myself

A modern yet practical look at a 'clean lines' table

An individual table setting with a touch of whimsy.