Trends of 2011

2011 will be greeting us this weekend and now is the perfect time to share the top trends for the up coming year. These trends are predicted by both magazines and also through retail consumer trends. Trends can be a funny thing though, many people follow trends and would do anything to have the latest thing while other people avoid trends, knowing they will only be here for a short time. It is true, when investing time and money into something, you want to make sure that it is something that you will enjoy for years to come, so pick something classic and always choose wisely with trends.
Colour Trends for 2011
Paint.  Every year there is a new line of colours that are the “It” colours. This year we are finding new neutrals everywhere.  Whether you want a lilac on your walls, there is a neutral, a brown, there is a neutral, grey, there is a neutral.  Soft tints (white added to colours) of colours are being used rather that the true colour itself which is great if you are afraid to use colour. Why the soft colours? To showcase structural design, accessories, furniture, and sometimes even the view. The soft tints are also great when conveying a fresh look to a tired space. 
The true colours that are predominant this year are striking bold. Bright yellows used in small doses, olive browns, ocean blues, eggplant brown, and even teals are the hot colours picked by the ‘Style at Home’ design team.   My personal favourite is the coral. Coral is a new take on red, pink and peach but it has an exotic feel to it that is bold enough to light up any space.

Here is the line up.

The sands, the blues and corals.
The softer hues.
The bold accents.

On furniture, we are seeing a lot of greys on fabrics as opposed to the white we have seen for the past few years.  The whites that are being used are linen coloured with more beige undertones. Though the beiges may seem boring considering all of the colours that are available these days,  but they are leaning more towards ‘sandy’ colours instead of the usual yellow toned beiges.

The greys.

Linen coloured fabrics with beige tones
Wood pieces used around the home are showing the natural finish rather than painted finishes. That doesn’t mean ditch all the white furniture you painted a couple years ago, it just means you can mix and match.  That also doesn’t mean that the thousands of dollars you spent on your white kitchen is out of style already, it actually means the opposite. White kitchens are on the rise more than ever with new appliances and finishes that are easy to keep clean and also durable enough for a young family. Really though, this year there are two extremes; a very rustic, but clean, look or an ultra modern look and pairing the two can be just as effective. In the end, kitchens are made to be functional and to be the pride and joy of the resident cook, nothing trendy about that!
Round up of Trends

·         Spa-like ambience using soft greys, blues, art, minimalism, and ‘expensive’ looking faucets
·         Curved lines on sinks and tubs as opposed to harder edges
·         Natural materials such as stone, porcelain, wood will all be a contributing factor in decorating the bathroom
·         Eat in kitchens
·         Rustic appeal with woods, bronze finishes, solid wood finishes (minus the veneer)
·         Painted wood panelling and reclaimed wood plank floors
·         Mixing rustic with stainless steel appliances
·         Subtle colours, a lot of white still being used
·         Modern kitchens with smooth surfaces and plastic coated cupboards for lean lines and durability


  1. I need you to revamp my 2nd floor bathroom. I am totally at a loss when it comes to that. Right now its so devoid of any kind of character... argh! Help.


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