New Years Resolutions

This is the year, I plan to get a lot accomplished. Small do-it-yourself projects and room makeovers will be tackled and accomplished.

It is a small list right now but as the year goes on, more jobs and opportunities will come up. As of right now, my list of things to do:
  • Second floor bathroom. I plan to give this room a complete surface makover while still working with what I have in there already ie. the shower, toilet, sink and existing laminate flooring.
  • A whicker chair that is begging for a new coat of paint and new seat cushion
  • Find new peices of furniture to recover and sell
  • A table lamp that will get a completely new look
  • Complete more classes towards my Interior Decorating Certificate

The bathroom, the chair, and the lamp.

Making sure the job gets done:
  • Budget. Knowing what a peice is worth and how much I can sell it for is key when redoing furniture. Also taking into consideration the price of materials.
  • Time frame. I have said it before and I will say it again, SET A TIMEFRAME. This goes for any project. If you are hiring someone, sign a contract with dates put into it and if you are doing it yourself, do the project during a time that is good for you. For my own projects, I haven\t set a specific start time for the bathroom yet but I plan to have it done by the spring, hopefully before, just in time for the good weather. Once the good weather hits, it is time to start refinishing!
My Inspirations this year:
  • Decorative fabrics. Last year I sewed 4 toss cushions for my sisters wedding present and I found that the project was quite simple once I got a hang of how to use the sewing machine. This year I would like to sew more pillows using decorative fabrics and also sew some drapery panels. That being said, I would also like to learn how to sew better.
  • Organic look. I love the raw wood look that is making its comeback.  Natural finishes have caught my eye and I plan stain more peices of furniture. I had stained a small pedestal table back in the summer and I found that staining was a lot easier than painting,  but of course it all depends on the surface.

Happy New Years!


  1. If recover this chair in my Fab Fabric Ill buy it off you!!! Name your price! LOVE IT


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