The Launch

There is always a beginning to a start. Starting a new job, starting a renovation project, even starting a new bottle of shampoo, whatever the venture, the beginning can be the most important part. The beginning can put you in the right direction and from there on out, it can go whichever way you will take it, which is hopefully in the right direction. A bad beginning can put you in a direction in which no one should ever enter, where only the brave, or ill-prepared, find themselves. Having a plan or some sort of foundation is something to definitely consider when beginning anything.
Long before the beginning there is the opportunity, the doorway into the venture, which can be referred to as the front door. To me, the front door can be seen as a couple of things. There is the front door of a house which is an entry way into someones life and how they live, and theres the front door that creates an opportunity into a whole new venture once opened.  Its just getting to and through that front door is when the adventure starts. My adventure is into the Interior Decorating industry.
Open the front door and allow me to share my ideas and thoughts.  As each week goes on, I will be sharing what I know and what I am learning about the industry including new exciting trends, innovative projects and much, much more.


  1. Amazing! I don't know who you are but I definitely will be following your can call be your bloggie

  2. I just noticed a spelling mistake I meant me not be...and now I have left three comments so I am stopping


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